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Business People Having Board Meeting In Modern OfficeBy Laurie Bradley

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Have you picked out the perfect gift for that special someone?

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, you probably put some thought into selecting gifts when the occasion arises. Obviously, you choose gifts you think the recipient will want, but beyond that —

  • Do you choose them for their quality?
  • Because they support that person’s passion for something?
  • Because they are connected somehow to your own values?
  • Because you know the company would support the product beyond its initial purchase?

These intangibles are similar to the drivers that lead top performers to select certain companies as their employers. They are the qualities that make up an employer’s brand culture, and they are essential for not only attracting great talent, but keeping those highly skilled people engaged and retaining them over time.

Building an attractive brand
So how can you ensure that these attractive qualities are present in your company’s culture? Develop a plan for winning the loyalty of top talent by taking the following steps.

  • Start where you are — Conduct research to learn how your company is perceived by current employees, suppliers, shareholders, and by potential candidates. Use that information to get a realistic grasp on your company’s strong points and where there is room for improvement.
  • Develop your EVP — An Employer Value Proposition describes your unique qualities and communicates how you as an employer provide what top candidates want and need. This allows the employer to deliver sound information on what your brand stands for and why top talent should choose your company over others.
  • Communicate — Once you have a great message, be sure it’s included consistently everywhere your company brand appears, in both internal and external channels of communication. If your company is recognizable and known for all of the great things it does, potential new employees will be more likely to work with you.
  • Keep it real — As your strategy falls into place, remember that current employees will be watching as closely as candidates — and both groups can spot a phony. Revisit your employer brand and continually update your strategy, refining as you go. As your mission and ideologies change, your EVP should too

Remember, employer branding is a strategy — not a set-it-and-forget-it task, but something you should be continually engaged with. When your brand truly fits, you’ll discover that bringing in top talent is easier than before and your best performers will be with you for the long run.

An attractive brand needs a sound EVP. The experts at ASG will work with you to ensure your brand is setting itself to its best advantage.

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